September 2018
EU donates 150 computers and 20 printers to help Ukraine fight organised crime
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British barristers put Odesa prosecutors through unique witness-handling training
Kovalchuk says role of women during Maidan can guide Ukraine’s vision for gender equality

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EUAM judicial cooperation initiative continues with return visit of senior Irish judges to Ukraine

Community of Practice: setting the agenda for reforms

"Obviously, a community established by force or imposed (by minister’s order or instruction) would never function as it should. Such a formation must be natural."
On September 19, 2018, the EU Advisory Mission Ukraine (EUAM) together with the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine (MoIA) held a seminar entitled ‘Community of Practice’. Yevhen Kylymnyk, EUAM Good Governance Officer and one of the drivers of the concept, explains how the idea of establishing such a community was born, how it is being implemented and whether it has the potential to develop further

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Ukraine’s first patrol police driving instructors ready to train their colleagues

Six Ukrainian patrol police officers have become the first group of certified defensive driving instructors in their organisation after a training organised by the EU Advisory Mission Ukraine. They are now qualified and ready to train their colleagues across Ukraine. Over a six week period, the officers were trained in how to safely manoeuver vehicles in difficult conditions and how to help others develop these skills. In total, 12 defensive driving instructors will have been trained with EUAM’s support by the end of September.
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